A pair of LoRa modules, LoRa master module and LoRa slave module are designed.  The module integrates an ARM cortex M0+ MCU  with LoRa RF functionality that provides ultra long range communication and lowest power consumption.


- Integrates ARM cortex M0+ MCU with LoRa RF functionality.

- Sensitivity over -137 dBm.

- RF output:20 dBm.

- Payload upto 128 bytes.

- Preamble detection.

- 192K bytes flash memory and 20K bytes RAM.

- Easy to use LoRa Master & Slave command.

LoRa Master & Slave Command:

- Setup Command:Initialization/System Setup/Others

- System Command:System parameter/System operation/Others

- Master Command:Send the command to slave/Others

- Slave Command:Send the command to master/Others